Daniel is an Artist and Entrepreneur who designs motivational art for the up and coming entrepreneurs working hard every day to reach their goals. Daniel believes that your environment can influence you negatively and positively as you reach to achieve your dreams. Daniel creates and designs artwork that reminds the rising entrepreneurs that success is in reaching distance despite hardship.

Daniel has successfully launched multiple privately owned international businesses, and his artwork and designs continues to be featured in major Hollywood films, movies, TV shows and music videos. As a Miami native, Daniel has always been inspired by the all the culture and art in the city, he eventually was awarded Best Director for his independent film in Miami which he wrote, directed and produced. Daniel continues to build and invest in new businesses while innovating new ways to create artwork that positively influences dream-seekers around the world.



“Money props is one those instruments that when you see it on camera, a person cannot distinguish whether it is real or fake. I design quality, so that there is never a doubt when the viewer sees these props, so that they never get distracted negatively from a film, music video or TV show. The same concept goes with films, you want to make them seem as realistic as possible giving the ‘Slice of Life’ approach.”  - Daniel Columbie




For inquiries & commissions, please email theartplug@marcelkatz.net.